Making Appointments


We understand we are not always there when you phone to make an appointment or cannot always get to the phone , but please leave a message and we shall contact you as soon as possible to return your call.

Both stores get fully booked in advance so please book an appointment to ensure privacy throughout the store. There are sometimes opportunities to have walk in appointments. We do have a waiting list so if you are unable to keep to your time, please can you let us know. 

If you are 15 minutes late for your appointment and don't ring to advise we reserve the right to cancel your appointment and ring someone on the reserve list.

Underwear! Ladies , we are used to seeing all shapes and sizes in the store but please make sure you are comfortable in the underwear you have on.

Make up - please keep it minimal ladies, we like to try and keep our dresses as pristine as possible. Not many people want to try on damaged and dirty dresses, so please respect our beautiful dresses.

Ideally a bride should make no more than three appointments per day, otherwise the bride can be over whelmed by the choice and lose focus, becoming even more confused than ever.

A few more things to think about before you go shopping are, who to take with you. If you prefer to shop alone normally then remember that your wedding dress is probably the most important outfit you'll ever buy and the opinion of a trusted friend could be invaluable. Your mum and your bridesmaids will be the obvious choice but try not to take too many people, as too many opinions can be more confusing than helpful.


When entering the wedding gown area you may be asked to remove your shoes.  Please do not be offended - this is to protect the gowns so that they can be kept in pristine condition for anyone who wishes to try them on.